Betty is an illustrator and storyteller based in Manchester. She is interested in the themes of myth and folklore, and hopes to further develop the concepts she explored in her dissertation, entitled 'The Archaeology of Storytelling', in which she studied the work of writer Alan Garner. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2018 with first class honours in Illustration with Animation, though she didn't do much of the latter, not having much patience for it. Betty's work is immersive and intricate, and is slowly destroying her eyes.
The final year of her degree was highly informative for her. She began to work with fine ink brush pens, and add colour to the line-work digitally afterwards, feeling that colouring with paints overwhelmed the delicacy of the lines with a little too much texture.
In 2018, at the same time as her degree show, she exhibited her Noah's Ark illustrations in the Vertical Gallery in the Benzie Building. For this, she was the recipient of the prestigious Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Award. She was also granted the GK Gallery Award, for which she was given the fantastic opportunity to exhibit her work at the GK Gallery in Salford.
Since then, Betty has been quietly working on personal writing and illustrating projects, and fervently hopes to someday be published.
If you fancy saying hello, or want to enquire about Betty's work or possible commissions, feel free to get in touch via her Instagram or email!